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Another 50 days
Another 50 days

Susan Sontag

Filmmaker : Aline Desjardins Québec, 1976 PRODUCTION : Radio-Canada

About this film


In 1976, the CBC television show "Femme d'aujourd'hui" interviewed the American writer and intellectual Susan Sontag (1933-2004), who was then living in Paris. This leading figure of the Western thought in the second half of the 20th century eloquently presented her thoughts and the path that led her to feminism.

Tënk's opinion

“I think we need far more active imaginations because we’re facing a crisis (…). Everything must be rethought. And there are more possibilities than we might imagine.”

In near-perfect French, the American Susan Sontag shares her observations about the condition of women, for us/them to be treated equally and taken into consideration in everyday words and actions (at work and at home). Using concrete examples, she tells us that she believes in these “very small actions” that can change things because they help combat received ideas. “I don’t want to repeat myself; I want to continue discovering (…). And if my own ideas become received ideas, I’ll just have to go somewhere else.” If these words from Sontag are bright and stimulating, it’s because her lucidity, which makes her constantly call herself into question, encourages us to do the same today.

Fabien David
Programmer of Cinéma Le Bourguet in Forcalquier


Aline Desjardins

Aline Desjardins is a Quebec journalist and host born in 1934. She first worked at Sherbrooke radio for six years, then joined Radio-Canada in the 1960s. In 1964, she took over from Lizette Gervais to host the now cult daily show Femme d'Aujourd'hui for 13 years, until 1977. During the 3,000 shows, she interviewed women working in different spheres of activity with whom she discussed subjects as varied as literature, women's autonomy, abortion, etc. In the 80s, we find her alongside Gaston L'Heureux to host the popular show Avis de recherche. She then devoted herself to programs on the environment, agriculture and botany.