Another 46 days
Another 46 days


Filmmaker : Denis Côté Québec, 2009 PRODUCTION : nihilproductions
French English

About this film


Jean-Paul Colmor is 74 years old. After an accident, he took an early retirement and has been collecting cars, wrecks, and junk for the last 40 years. Living among tons and tons of debris, he quietly works all day on his unthinkable belongings, furnishing and dealing car parts to mechanics and other iron afficionados. One day, four intruders visit Colmor in search of a corner of twisted paradise. Carcasses uses documentary and fictitious elements to try to get at the soul of an unthinkable place.

Tënk's opinion

From the outside: a scrap metal cemetery; from the inside: a columbarium of finds unearthed by world class flea market trawler, collector Jean-Paul Colmor. Car skeletons and reanimated relics make up his home, an immeasurable library of memories, a most colourful material poetics. Bogged down and blissful in his baroque environment, Colmor daily recoups and discards old cars, all the while engaging in learning the Spanish language. Reticent towards any form of convention, Denis Côté exhibits and invents a world in which protagonists conceived of and named as marginal take center stage. His film has an unusual structure, divided into two parts: first, an observational documentary shot exclusively in stills; then, additionally, in full motion, an abrupt and controlled turn towards a fictional narrative wherein the protagonists, hailing from various margins of society, nonprofessional actors who in part play, in part exist, meet and struggle to find their place in this poetic landscape.

Gabrielle Ouimet
Tënk's Artistic Director


Denis Côté

Denis Côté was born in 1973 in New-Brunswick. He founded Nihilproductions in the 90's and shot multiple short films. He was a journalist and cinema critic before he directed his first feature film Drifting States in 2005. He made Our Privates Lives in 2007 and then Curling in 2010, which was awarded at the Locarno Film Festival and shown in more than seventy festivals worldwide. More recently, he directed Wilcox, an essay on liberty and wandering without dialogue, and Social Hygiene, a radical and offbeat comedy, shot in the middle of the pandemic. His films, marked with strong formal research and a sharp spirit of independence, have beens shown in dozens of cinematographic events.