For the premiere of the feature film Dear Audrey by documentary filmmaker Jeremiah Hayes at the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, Tënk is offering a free retrospective of the great filmmaker and ardent defender of justice and peace Martin Duckworth.

Acclaimed activist filmmaker Martin Duckworth has devoted his life to peace and justice. But now he’s put down his camera to fight for the most important cause he’s ever faced. While caring for his wife through the final stages of Alzheimer’s, Martin’s love deepens as he looks back on an epic life and career.

"Documentary film-making, I tell you, is a marriage between life and art".
Martin Duckworth

This quote expresses what I love about Martin’s filmmaking and attitude towards life. For him, making films is as much about forging lasting friendships, as it is about creating art. My very first job after film school was with Martin Duckworth. It was 1991, at the National Film Board of Canada, and I was the assistant editor on Martin’s film about the first Gulf War, Peacekeeper at War. From the beginning, Martin’s uncompromising resolve to speak his truth through his films (along with his fascinating life story) inspired me.

Even though Martin faced a near-death car accident in Mexico and witnessed carnage while filming on the front lines of war-torn countries around the world, he remained optimistic. Through hardship and death, Martin has developed a keen sense of the preciousness of every moment of life. Living through this, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, in life and on film..

Jeremiah Hayes