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The Films of Michel Brault

Michel Brault (1928–2013) is a Quebec filmmaker, director of photography and producer. He is one of the greatest filmmakers of the direct cinema and the first to develop an aesthetics of handheld camerawork, a practice today unavoidable. In the sixties, Michel Brault was a bridge between Québec and the French New Wave, notably due to his collaboration with Jean Rouch, showing in Europe the recent achievements of direct cinema.

He his of most of NFB's flagship works in direct cinema, including Les Raquetteurs (1958), Wrestling(1961) and Pour la suite du monde (1963). He also directed Orders(1974), a must-see film about the October Crisis, which occurred in Quebec in October 1970 and with which he won the 1975 Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Films of Pierre Creton

Pierre Creton est artiste et ouvrier agricole. Ses divers emplois comme apiculteur ou vacher lui fournissent la matière de la plupart des films qu'il réalise à partir de 1992. Il est l’auteur d’une vingtaine d'œuvres, dont Secteur 545 (2004), Maniquerville (2009), Va, Toto ! (2017) et Le bel été (2019). Il vit et travaille en Normandie dans le Pays de Caux, territoire qu’il ne cesse d’appréhender et de filmer.

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