Another 39 days
Another 39 days


Filmmakers : Grégoire Couvert , Grégoire Orio France, 2019 PRODUCTION : Stank
English, French English, French

About this film


Lebanon today. The traces of civil war are still tangible. Corruption in government parties is becoming unbearable. Bodies rise up. Words collide. Against this backdrop, musicians from different backgrounds plug their instruments in and make them resound from all sides.

New Alchemist Award - FNC 2020

Tënk's opinion

Lebanon. The scars of civil war are still fraught and corruption in government parties is growing to a breaking point. In this country that has, since its founding, only ever experienced cycles of war and peace, musicians from different backgrounds gather to create an underground music scene. Over the course of their meetings, they paint their own portrait of Lebanon: its shifting geographical, political, historical and social borders, and its journeys through conflict and instability. Khamsin is a project born from the collaboration between the French experimental rock band Oiseaux-Tempête and musicians from the Beirut experimental scene. More than a mere documentary about a musical encounter, the film is also a reflection on the dynamics of creating within multiple different contexts, from the political to the human, as well as an encounter between collective history and a multitude of personal journeys. It’s a moving exploration of Lebanese youth trying to build a safe place in a hostile environment where power and destruction have had the upper hand for far too long.

Alborz Arzpeyma
Programmer - Les nouveaux alchimistes / FNC


Grégoire Couvert

Grégoire Couvert lives in Paris and works as a cinematographer, editor and photographer. Most of his work in visual arts is fed by reflexions related to experimental forms, connections between music and moving pictures, and political structures constituent of any social dynamics. Following the shooting of a significant number of music videos and film projects, Khamsin is his first documentary as a director.

Grégoire Orio

Grégoire Orio is originally from Tours, France, but he lives and works in Paris as a director, cinematographer, editor, set designer and photographer. Interested in poetic and experimental forms, he undertook a video and documentary work which led him to collaborate with many artists seeking, through different visual forms, a sensory and musical relationship to the image