Another 39 days
Another 39 days


Filmmaker : Moara Passoni Brazil, 2020 PRODUCTION : Busca Vida Filmes
Portuguese English, French

About this film


An elliptical portrait of a young girl experiencing both rapture and torture starving herself as a way to find a place in a brutal uncertain world.

Daniel Langlois Innovation Award - FNC 2020

Tënk's opinion

Clara is a ballerina. She’s also anorexic. Painful and complex, yet strangely euphoric, her relationship to her body and to food go well beyond the clichés we associate with the disease. Denying herself food brings her feelings of ecstasy (as suggested by the film’s title) and she sees her physical body, the vessel of her own creation, through the lens of architecture. This vertiginous documentary, intertwining fiction and profoundly intimate memoir, is Brazilian director Moara Passoni’s first feature-length film. It is a visceral cinematographic experience. Passoni took inspiration from her own life to meld the bursts of sound and images in a style that borders on experimental, all within sepulchrally beautiful frames. Ecstasy offers a new vision on a devastating subject that proves the importance of knowing how to work with voiceover, which here plays the role of sublime conveyor of the psychological state and sensitivity of a young woman, which will surely resonate with others.

Zoé Protat
Director of programming , FNC


Moara Passoni

Moara Passoni is a Brazilian born filmmaker based in New York City. She is a MFA candidate at Columbia University where she is a Teaching Fellow. She graduated in Social Sciences at University of São Paulo, and also studied dance, performance, philosophy and aesthetics. She holds two master's degrees on Film & Documentary and studied French language and literature at La Sorbonne. Passoni has begun her career in cinema working as an assistant director. She has also served as a programmer, curator, and coordinator for several film and photo exhibitions in Brazil, Paris, and NYC, and worked as Latin American journalist at Le Monde Diplomatique - Brasil. In her films, Passoni aims to explore both coming of age and political stories always crossing storytelling with language exploration.