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This film is
no longer available
in our catalog

Sol negro

Filmmaker : Laura Huertas Millán Colombia, France, 2016 PRODUCTION : Les Films du Worso, Evidencia Films
Spanish English, French

About this film


Antonia is an opera singer of uncommon beauty, both lush and somber. When she ends up in a rehabilitation center after attempting suicide, all her family ties are irreparably broken. But unlike everyone else, her sister remains deeply affected by what happened…

Tënk's opinion

Following a series of shorts about “exoticism”, French-Colombian filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán moved on to what she calls her “ethnographic fictions”. Sol Negro is not only the first work in this series, but also her most personal. Turning the premise of traditional ethnography on its head by turning her camera towards her family and herself, she creates a sort of creative laboratory where the figures on the screen are co-writers, co-producers and co-directors in fictionalizing their own words. Huertas Millán touches on complex questions like mental illness, family ties and separation without turning them into exhibits, posing questions to this microcosm of a community of women who are both close and mysterious to her without any preconceived answers ready at hand. A superb blend of captured movements, intimate words and theatrical sparks, Sol Negro reinvents domestic spaces and matriarchy as sites for beauty and resistance.

Charlotte Selb
Programmer and critic


Laura Huertas Millán

Laura Huertas Millán is a French-Colombian filmmaker and visual artist, whose practice stands at the intersection of cinema, contemporary art and research. Selected in cinema festivals such as the Berlinale, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Rotterdam International Film Festival, New York Film Festival and Cinéma du Réel, her films have earn many prizes around the world. More than twenty retrospectives and focus of her work have been organised in cinematheques such as Toronto ́s TIFF Lightbox, Harvard ́s Film Archive or Bogota ́s cinematheque, and leading film festivals as Mar del Plata and Rencontres du Documentaire de Montreal. Huertas Millán holds a practice-based PhD on “Ethnographic Fictions” developed between PSL University (SACRe program) and the Sensory Ethnography Lab (Harvard University).