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Another 41 days
Another 41 days

Le temps qu'il fait

Filmmaker : Sylvain L'Espérance Québec, 1997 PRODUCTION : Les Films du Tricycle
English, French, Russian French

About this film


Nestor, Lei, Pierrette, Mohamed, Hafida, Marius, Marc, Galina, Genady, Mike and Lala: through their presence, Le temps qu’il fait weaves a mosaic of stories in which dreams and disappointments, hopes and worries, intertwine with the life that is before them. In counterpoint, there are these new landscapes of financial centers, abandoned industrial spaces and wasteland from which we hear the echo of speeches that call to take the train of the new economy. By their simple attachment to a profession which gives them a living, the men and women of the film put up resistance to these slogans. Little by little, a radical rupture is emerging between economic thought and the movement of life. A break that shapes the present time.

Tënk's opinion

Le temps qu’il fait is like a patchwork documentary, stitched through with nuances and contrasts, that draws us in gently, despite the violence of the systems it denounces. By placing those rejected by society at the center of the story, those for whom the system has nothing to offer, Sylvain L’Espérance lays bare the dehumanizing dead-ends of ambient capitalism.

With its alternating interviews, conversations and workplace observations, the film shows us the insecurities, worries, humiliations, but also the small forms of resistance of people who live in precarity on a daily basis and fight to live with dignity: immigrants, on-call workers, buskers, the unemployed… everyone who lives at the end of the line and is dealt the blows of a system founded on injustice and destruction. A distressing situation that, in the years elapsed between this film’s release and the present day, have only gotten worse.

Jason Burnham
Tënk's programming assistant


Sylvain L'Espérance

Born in Montreal in 1961, Sylvain L'Espérance studied visual arts and cinema. For 30 years, he has has traveled from Québec to Mali and Greece, and in a poetic exploration of reality, he has directed a dozen of films that combine direct cinema and experimental research. The place of foreigners and marginalized communities in our world is at the heart of each of his films. Migrants, workers, artisans, fishermen, shepherds, the unemployed, the homeless, these are the common people who speak and act out. His films reveal a political and free speech inhabited by a raw and indomitable force.

Selected and awarded by leading documentary festivals, L'Espérance's films are internationally acclaimed. Into the Delta won the Best Director Award at the Florence Festival dei Popoli (2010). Sur le rivage du monde won, for its part, the Grand Prize of the international DOK.Fest Munich (2013). His lastest film, The Song of Empedocles was selected at RIDM (2019) and DOK.fest Munich (2020).