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Tënk is your window into a universe of unique and powerful stories that will enrich your perception of the world around us.

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What is Tenk?

Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, Tënk is the first platform of its kind entirely dedicated to the different forms of documentary cinema.

Since its launch, the platform has hosted 900+ films. Each week, our subscribers discover five works selected by a team of industry professionals, seasoned cinephiles, and treasure seekers!

Tënk is committed to championing and spotlighting the diversity and richness of the documentary genre, without exception. From landmark works to the rarest gem, heritage films or latest releases, feature lengths or short films, poetic ballads, or militant cinema, you will find works that are sure to make an indelible impression.


250 films broadcast per year

384 films available on demand

Over 700 featured filmmakers

Texts, interviews, and essays to guide your discovery


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Since its inception in 2020, Tënk has worked tirelessly on spotlighting significant documentary works from around the globe and has recently blossomed from its humble Quebecois roots into a truly Pan-Canadian project that engages audiences across the country, and represents the entire documentary community.

Tënk needs your support to reach a point of consolidation in order to pursue the development of its mission!

We believe in the power of storytelling, it can inspire, enliven and create instant rapport. It can move an audience to take action and it can change lives. It is this belief that continues to drive Tënk to dream bigger and aim for newer horizons. For that to happen, we need to reach a significant number of subscribers. Thanks to your invaluable support, Tënk can grow stronger and better, and invest in the future of Canadian documentary cinema.




Supporting Tënk means allowing us to reach new and ambitious horizons.

What it means for Tënk to reach its campaign goals:

Engaging in creative support and film production

By supporting Tënk, you contribute to our flourishment as a streaming platform and allow us ​​to concretize a robust politics of distribution that will, in turn, help us support and accompany creators throughout all stages of their journey. With your support, we can activate the much sought-after funding for many films, thus helping to maintain and ensure the vitality of documentary creation in Quebec and Canada and shaping the future of Canadian cinema.

This is good news for the community and for the audiences; we will provide the opportunity for films that are struggling to find funding to materialize!

« By subscribing or gifting a subscription, I contribute to championing necessary works.»

« Supporting Tënk means working to preserve a threatened heritage. »


Working to preserve documentary heritage

Tënk aspires to become a documentary cinematheque. Documentary film is a threatened and yet vital creative practice, that can help shape our understanding of the world, culture, and democracy! We want to ensure the preservation, archiving, accessibility, and enhancement of the documentary genre. Supporting our streaming platform allows us to take a first step towards this goal, by giving us the means to unearth, bring out of the vaults, translate, and digitize cinematographic treasures that have been unfairly relegated to the shelf for too long.

Improve accessibility in the region

Tënk wants to expand documentary cinema’s reach to communities that have limited cultural offerings. This is why we are looking to expand into public libraries in small towns, as well as to develop features that facilitate better access, such as offline downloading. It's also a first step towards becoming more eco-friendly!



La vie heureuse


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Équipe de Tënk

The Tënk team

Tënk is the fruit of the labor of a small dedicated team with one singular compelling passion: to share films that have the potential to change your lives. We believe in beauty, sensitivity, and the ongoing improvement of individuals and their environment. Taking care of our world involves sharing works that question, provoke, divert, and disrupt reality. Tënk is our collective undertaking, and we are proud to share it with you.


Tënk Team


Tënk, a cooperative committed to solidarity

Supporting Tënk means supporting a Montreal-based non-profit solidarity cooperative that is committed to the community it represents. Our structure brings together the entire documentary sector: filmmakers, producers, distributors, film festivals, film schools, and filmmakers’ groups.

Unlike most subscription platforms that pervade our daily lives, Tënk is a cultural and digital project, local and independent, anchored in its community. We guarantee a prominent place for our national cinematography, as well as the fair representation of marginalized and under-represented views. We work with a multitude of local partners whose mission is dear to us. As a project realized in accordance with the milieu, the cooperative's mission is to advocate for and support the entire documentary sector!

As a political and committed project that asserts the plurality of possible experiences, the need for alternative ways of looking at the world, and the rejection of economic diktats on social and living conditions, collaboration is an integral part of the essence of Tënk. The project is made possible thanks to an innovative partnership with a French structure, which allows us to join forces on the basis of a common mission.


Tënk has become a key player in the industry in a short time thanks to their philosophy of action, the exceptional quality of their programming, and the unique model they have developed.

Leïla Oulmi, General Manager, Main Film

I thank you again wholeheartedly for the quality of this uplifting programming. You contribute greatly to the nourishment of our souls and our worldviews.

Sandra, Tënk member since its inception