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Quebec, 1998

Production : Coop Vidéo, Vidéographe, Productions Toutatoé

Programmed by Christine Chevarie


Vaut mieux en rire


At first glance, a world separates them. He lives in Monaco, he is young, healthy and a millionaire. They live in a basement in Quebec city, they are retired, ruining their health by drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and taking pills for their nerves. They share, however, the same passion as him: car racing. Filmed during the 1997 Formula One World Cup, Le beau Jacques follows simultaneously the actions of Jacques Villeneuve and the two aunts’ director, his biggest fans. This short film looks like a family album, and is a tragic-comic essay on spectators’ identification with their idols.

A word from Tënk

Stéphane Thibault captured a delicious slice of life with his aunts as they watch a Formula 1 race in which Jacques Villeneuve, at the peak of his popularity in 1997, was behind the wheel. The filmmaker’s aunt is Jacques Villeneuve’s biggest fan. It’s impossible not to laugh at her flighty nerves or bathrobe choices that depend on what her latest superstition tells her to wear. Cutting from burnt toast to burst bubbles to close-ups on his aunt’s worried face, a dramatic build is created, bringing us to the race’s conclusion. Will he win? It doesn’t matter. The show isn’t on the racetrack, it’s in these ladies’ apartment.

Christine Chevarie

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