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Austria, Germany, 2019

Production : ZDF, Navigator Film, Ma.Ja.De Fimproduktions Gmbh



Caligari Film Prize 2019 - Berlinale

The films of Visions du réel


Thomas Heise worked on this film, in which he recalls his family history through the upheavals of 20th century Germany, for a long time. The film travels across the German landscape in order to capture its most intimate essence. In the context of a country that was once divided and then reunited, the narration of the filmmaker’s family history is also a search for geographical and topographical references. The entire history of Germany is retraced through the perspective of a country that no longer exists, the GDR. A powerful historical essay and a unique cinematic tour de force. Shot in striking black and white, the film is a sombre reflection on notions of homeland and identity, but also a meticulous exploration of suffering, grief, and how the memory of the past is passed on to subsequent generations. The precise framing and powerful voiceover suggest a redefinition of space and memory. As critical and political as it is personal, _Heimat Is a Space in Time _is a formidable manifesto against forgetting and obfuscation. (Giona A. Nazzaro)

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