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34 days
17 min
Quebec, 2017

Production : La Cabane
French, English

Special Jury Mention - Soirée de la relève, RIDM 2017

The films of Sarah Baril Gaudet


Living Here is a story made of solitude and wind, told with the poetry of Nunavik’s stark tundra and the beauty of young Martha’s words.

A word from Tënk

Sarah Baril Gaudet has a gift for patient images. Her compositions are always meticulously crafted, and their stillness reveals evocative microcosms through minute details. All it takes is the passing of a mechanical shovel in the midst of colored houses in dazzling whiteness to create a rhythm, to tell a story. Hypnotic and painterly tableaux unfold in Living Here, and the words of young Martha elevate them from two-dimensionality. A testimony as patient and precise as the images upon which it rests. The encounter between Sarah and Martha seems to have come naturally, as their two worlds - so different at first sight - harmonize with the same calm and total presence. In just 17 short minutes, the heart finds solace in the beauty of Nunavik and in this human encounter filled with restraint and poetry. A haiku sensation.


Naomie Décarie-Daigneault
Tënk Artistic Director

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