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34 days
14 min
Quebec, 2018

Production : La Cabane

The films of Sarah Baril Gaudet


On the eve of an inevitable exile towards the urban centers, the youth of Temiscamingue is torn between the desire of a better future and the attachment to its territory.

A word from Tënk

Before Fall, directed by Sarah Baril Gaudet, offers a poignant meditation on the passage from adolescence to adulthood in rural surroundings. The film captures the essence of this pivotal phase of life where young people find themselves torn between the call of elsewhere and the profound desire to remain rooted. Through immersive imagery unveiling the beauty and melancholy of the Témiscamingue landscapes, along with nuanced testimonies from adolescents of the region, the film confronts us with the heart-wrenching dilemma of leaving or staying, with all it entails: the loss of friendships, the familial distance, the changing paces of life, the disconnection from nature and the land, and the loss of landmarks…

A meditation on identity on the move that touches on a reality facing many of Quebec's youth. Within the grandeur of the Témiscamingue, the internal turmoil of this pivotal period is reflected, where each step towards the future is also a farewell to the past, where each path taken is another step towards self-discovery and, perhaps, the promise of an eventual return.


Jason Burnham
Tënk editorial manager

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