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Quebec, 2018

Production : Anne-Marie Bouchard

Programmed by Paul Landriau

Without dialogue

The films of Plein(s) Écran(s)


"There is only one moral worth in this story, one essential fact: we are nothing but ridiculous sparks in the light of the universe. May we have the wisdom not to forget it." Hubert Reeves

A word from Tënk

This is a film that beguiles us by showing, not telling. It unfolds gently, with no hurry. We feel time slow as we take in its images. Anne-Marie Bouchard’s cinema is generous and playful. She brings us into her enthusiasm and fascination for both nature and science, finding beauty where others see only data. She has a child’s knack for being astonished by phenomena without wanting to dissect them, but her gaze is that of an accomplished artist who lets us dream alongside her. Gazing at these atoms as they evoke the cosmos or the ocean floor, we flutter like moths, compelled by their gentle light. Opening with a quote and closing with context, the film takes us from art to reason with logical fluidity. In the end, neither can live without the other.

Paul Landriau
Director of Programming, Plein(s) Écran(s)

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