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United-States, 2020

Production : Wolfer Productions

Spanish, English

French, English

Winner of Best Documentary Feature 2020 - New York City Independent Film Festival

The films of Massimadi


On a quest to find acceptance and happiness, three young transgender women, Valentyna, Joanne, and Chantal, meet at the southern tip of Mexico and decide to join the migrant caravan and embark on a 2400-mile journey to the US border together. Fleeing extortion, discrimination, and abusive relationships in their home countries, the women endure hardship after hardship as they slowly make their way to the US, never losing sight of their dream of acceptance and opportunity.

A word from Tënk

This documentary was presented at the 13th Massimadi Festival in Montreal in February 2021 and was one of the most watched films of the festival. It touched the selection committee and the public with its political, social, and intimate approach in addressing the turbulent friendship between three trans women who join the migrant caravan that made headlines in 2018. The film’s originality lies in the fact that it demonstrates the different power dynamics that also exist within marginalized groups.



Laurent Maurice Lafontant
Massimadi Foundation President



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