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117 min
France, 1978

Production : Luc Moullet

Prix Interfilm - Mention honorable - Berlinale 1979

The films of Luc Moullet


Questioning the origins of his food, Luc Moullet traces the economic circuits of tuna, eggs, and bananas. A documentary that unquestionably denounces the exploitation of the Third World by Western countries.

A word from Tënk

A veritable investigation à la Moullet, very serious, with a touch of the fantastic, and a naïveté just false enough to confuse the bad faith of some of its speakers. In the year 1978, the film takes an exhaustive and vertiginous inventory—that will only increase later—of the globalization underway. How does commerce and the exploitation of labour preserve traces of a colonial system? The proof is precise and unremitting, and the film’s foresight stupefying.




Pascale Paulat et Christophe Postic
General Delegates and Artistic Co-Directors of the festival, États généraux du film documentaire - Lussas




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