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Quebec, 2017

Production : Les Films de l'Autre

Programmed by Gabrielle Ouimet

French, Mandarin

French, English

RIDM 2017 - Special Jury Prize - Canadian Feature

The films of Jean-François Lesage


In the heart of a deep forest runs a river. On its banks, men and women sit and talk, opening up to one another. In this remote setting conducive to reflection, they wonder what it takes to attain inner peace, debate the wisdom of passing something on to future generations, and realized that, in love, the perfect “soulmate” is a near-impossible ideal. The sun sets behind the mountains and the swimmers bitterly acknowledge certain dead-end dreams, but still find meaning in contemplating nature, the stars and the moon.

A word from Tënk

The image of rushing water occludes everything else from the first moment, almost hypnotic, as our eyes try to penetrate the river’s surface to see what lies in the deeper waters. Visitors appear quite naturally between the rocks, trees and eddies, blurring the dichotomy between nature and culture. People who appear in pairs, triads, families; people searching for meaning, others who have already found it. Some swimming against the current with a beer in hand, others fishing. A pair of Sisyphi trying to push an ATV to the top of the mountain and, sure enough, finding it pretty difficult. A series of temporary inhabitants of a place who, each in their own way, draw from their individual experiences to piece together a universal whole, a reflection of the infinite nature surrounding them: powerful, Zen, dangerous, timeless, but, above all, stable throughout all its evolution.




Gabrielle Ouimet
Tënk's Artistic Director




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