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Quebec, 2015

Production : Jean-François Lesage

Programmed by Gabrielle Ouimet

French, English

English, French

Grand prix de la compétition nationale longs métrages - RIDM 2015

The films of Jean-François Lesage


It’s summer in Montreal and everyone is in love… except you. Late at night, on the mountain that overlooks the city, couples lay in the grass and linger in after-hours picnics, bodies move in closer towards one another, glances are exchanged. You roam from gathering to gathering, from budding couple to budding couple, never able to feel this fever, nor to embrace it. You want to feel their wonderment, yet it slips through your fingers. You are merely a bystander, a simple voyeur. You are not invited to the party.

A word from Tënk

An enchanting film. Gentle, fleeting, but oh so authentic. The night, people, the mountain. A series of verbal forays whose cries, laughter and sweet nothings radiate out from the silence of nature that hushes all other sounds from the city beyond. We no longer know the Montreal that surrounds Mont-Royal. It’s stubbed out by the words as they rise, breathed in by the flames of the campfire, conveyed like the sap to the tops of the trees, drenched in the dew of the evening. These heartfelt words, lit by the excitement of an alcohol-filled night that makes you want nothing more than to strip love of all its mysteries to finally see what lies beneath. Maybe you’ll feel like I do watching this film: torn between a desire to join in the candid conversations, to take part in this multitude of found thoughts, and the pleasantness of resetting my experience as a voyeur in front of the screen, as if numbed by a meditative state, linked up with the finesse of disparate elements in a fresco that we have to assemble ourselves. A Summer Love is a film that reminds us of those dreamlike summer nights.

Gabrielle Ouimet
Tënk’s Artistic Director

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