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66 min
Quebec, 2014

Production : Adobe productions international



Fennario - The Good Fight is David Fennario’s story, a journey into the life of one of Canada’s great playwrights and into the soul of a man who has never stopped fighting for the causes he believes in. Fennario hails from Verdun, Québec and his plays are all intimately connected to his hometown. At age 65, Fennario lives in a wheelchair, a victim of an unknown paralyzing syndrome that was first diagnosed in 2002. Fennario has decided to devote whatever time he has left to the writing of plays about the futility of war. Rich in archival footage and military symbolism, this documentary is a timely and poignant portrait of Verdun’s involvement in the two World Wars.

A word from Tënk

With a deceptive simplicity, this documentary lifts the curtain on the creative process of this man of the theater as he developed his anti-war piece Motherhouse. From initial idea to opening night, Martin Duckworth captures the political and social philosophy of David Fennario, revealing the ideological bedrock of his works and his life. A living history of Verdun, he both recounts and embodies the history of this working-class neighbourhood, as lived by the many who were exploited by a pitiless few, whether in the factories or at war.


Punctuated with well-selected archival footage, this captivating film is also a testament to the eloquent encounter between Duckworth and Fennario, both creators who understand their works as political gestures.




Hubert Sabino-Brunette
Teacher and programmer



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