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Canada, Ukraine, 2019

Production : Intuitive Pictures

Programmed by Gabrielle Ouimet


French, English

New Visions Award 2020 - RIDM

Special Series on Ukraine


Shot over summer and winter seasons on elektrychkas, typical Soviet commuter trains that travel between the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and small provincial towns, Don’t Worry, The Doors Will Open invites us to share a ride with working class, mostly marginalized passengers and vendors. Following a number of people from one grimy wagon to another, from station to station, from day to night, we are immersed in the daily struggles of their lives in a post-Soviet country. An atmospheric and intensely human portrait of Ukrainian society on the move.

A word from Tënk

Over the din of screaming steel wheels and rattling passenger cars, Ukrainians sit silently with their thoughts and pray that the train won’t break down before their destination. The tension and weariness on their faces reveals they’re doing their best to retain a sense of normalcy in a country with a daunting neighbour and an unpredictable future. In this microcosm of post-Soviet society, working-class commuters travel to their jobs and vendors hawk their wares in the aisles. Windows won’t open in stifling summer heat, while winter brings frost-covered seats, yet nothing stops these antiquated elektrychka trains that are constant reminders of a Russian presence. Rolling from the capital Kyiv to smaller provincial towns and the stations between, director Oksana Karpovych delivers a richly detailed first feature. The dynamic rhythms of the daily routines she observes depict her homeland at a crossroads, but like the trains, it always keeps moving forward.



Alexander Rogalski
Head of Canadian Programming, Hot Docs



To accompany your viewing
An interview with filmmaker Oksana Karpovych conducted by Naomie Décarie-Daigneault for Panorama-Cinéma



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