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15 days

25 min

United-Kingdom, 2001

Production : Dual Purpose Productions



Special Jury Prize of Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand - 2003



When filmmaker Marc Isaacs decided to make a documentary about a lift in a London tower block he had no idea how the residents would react and what they would reveal of their lives. He simply set himself up in the lift with his camera and waited for the right moment to ask questions. The result is both humorous and moving. The whole of British society is captured in this microcosm and the simplest of approaches becomes a parable of multiculturalism.

A word from Tënk

A little classic, with a very English humor!


The constraints of the dispositif give results of a crazy obviousness, generous micro-fictions which are so many quick sketches but with salient features. Do we have to talk to each other in 1m²?


There is a lightness, and even a little wonder, in this tiny liminal space, a striking symbol of our condition. Everything is in constant transformation, between top and bottom, inside and outside, in front of the otherness of a face open or closed, jovial or shy. What happens between two faces? What humanity, what words, what humor, what love?


We could last a whole lifetime in this elevator!




Jimmy Deniziot et Roxanne Riou
États généraux du film documentaire - Lussas



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