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9 min
Quebec, 2020

Production : Wapikoni mobile
English, Inuktitut, French
French, English



Ulivia explores the possibilities offered by the Internet in relationship to Inuktitut, a complex language with several dialects that vary from one generation to the next and that is threatened by the dominant colonial languages. Is the Internet an ally or an adversary?

A word from Tënk

A deep introductory dive into the linguistic continuum of Inuit languages, as well as into the various identity struggles that emerge from the precarious situation that these languages find themselves in today, continuously crushed by the dominant colonial languages. This short addresses the linguistic reality of young Inuit who have been educated in English or French and who now face the challenge of trying to re-learn their own languages in order to re-appropriate their own cultures.

Inuktitut Dialects in the 21st Century doesn’t exclusively address Inuit linguistic realities in Canada, but it expands its perspective to include Greenland, as well, where Kalaallisut refers to several Inuit dialects spoken there. In addition, the umbrella of Inuit languages include two other clusters: Iñupiaq, spoken in Alaska, and Inuktun, spoken in the Canadian Northwest.


Gabrielle Ouimet
Tënk's Artistic Director



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