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France, 1987

Production : La Fémis et le Ministère de la Culture

Programmed by Arnaud Lambert


Real Talks


In 1987, at the invitation of Jean Narboni and Arnaud des Pallières, Gilles Deleuze gave a lec-ture at the Fémis State film school. He spoke of ideas in cinema, the act of creation, art as a form of resistance. Des Pallières filmed him as he spoke. On screen, a body, gestures, words. In the air, the liberating energy of creation. Filming thinking in motion: des Pallières had already reached this point in his work.

A word from Tënk

These 45 minutes are the chance for Gilles Deleuze to make certain important precisions: to remind us what “an idea” is and how ideas cut across disciplines (“it’s in the name of my creation that I have something to say to someone”); to say that the idea has nothing to do with messaging or information; that these are nothing but watchwords (“what we’re supposed to believe or pretend to believe”) at the service of a controlling society (as we can observe, a little more each day); and that the creative act – which is essentially an act of resistance – is the exact opposite of messaging. But in addition to these still topical thoughts, this recording is a chance to see Deleuze the educator in his works: the art of playing with perspective, of placing his voice, his sense of dramatic composition and his incisive way with words: a real drama!



Arnaud Lambert



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