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Belgium, Colombia, 2017

Production : El Cajon Estudio, LUCA School of Arts, RANA Films

Programmed by Terence Chotard


French, English



Colombia is a land of ghosts. Two siblings roam these mystical landscapes in search of their dead father’s spirit. Their journey takes them from Bogota to the Colombian jungle, through realms of thought and deep into their haunted dreams. Here they will find some answers and attract unexpected company.

A word from Tënk

In her first short film, Juanita Rodriguez Onzaga and her brother evoke the painful memory of a father who disappeared into the Colombian jungle. Together they open a portal that connects words and the world of the dead, nature and the stigmata of a violent past―wounds that never heal.
In presenting a portrait of her brother Pablo, a rebel grappling with his desires of emancipation and understanding, the filmmaker gradually escapes the form of a family history toward a multidimensional and dreamlike state.
Her visceral imagery, couched in an immersive and sensual soundscape, further reinforce the magnetic attraction exuded by this young artist’s poetic and promising perspective. There is little doubt that her’s will be a career worth following.

Terence Chotard

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