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90 min
Canada, 2022

Original music : Peter Venne Production : My winter tales inc.
English, Thai
French, English



In a remote village in Thailand, Sukwan, an 8-year-old autodidact, is building with her parents’ help a life-sized version of “Snowyaland”: an imaginary world she has conceived in her own mind. Against all odds, the modest family has been pursuing this colossal endeavor over the years while attempting to preserve Sukwan’s luxuriant inner world as she is soon approaching adolescence and its many temptations.

A word from Tënk

Somewhere in the jungle of northern Thailand, a child sits surrounded by debris, telling us a fairy tale of her own invention. Smiling and playful, Sukwan brings us to the island of Snowyaland, a children’s earthly paradise whose location and inhabitants are known only to her. Gambling on imagination, her parents help her build this imaginary world from scratch, giving life to their daughter’s creativity through brick and mortar. An ode to the power of imagination, L’île de Sukwan brings up the buried desire to keep believing in the magic of childhood and the disappointing reality of the adult world.



RIDM Programming Collective


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