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France, 2005

Production : Camera One, Pyramide productions

Programmed by Miryam Charles





Based on his personal diary and filmed over the course of ten years, the filmmaker Alain Cavalier invites us into a meditation on old age, fragility, and death. Made up of moments of liveliness, fragments of images, this film composes a mosaic wherein the spectator is invited to find his own place on his own terms.

A word from Tënk

In the gentle light of day and in the shadowed touch of night, filmmaker Alain Cavalier records his day-to-day life. Over the course of ten years, he lovingly searches his surroundings, without ever forgetting that, behind his goals, lies a man making cinema. Cavalier turns the camera towards himself and, in so doing, exposes himself, delivering a vibrant work of witnessing the act of creation. An act that is impossible to achieve outside of the little things that make up our daily lives. In watching the fabulous film that is Le filmeur, we can’t help but think of a life that could be so tender, were we to take the time to really stop and take it all in.



Miryam Charles



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