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Quebec, 1973

Production : ONF / NFB




What value, whether radiant or destructive, does love have in womens’ lives? Does marriage choice allow them to realize their full potential? Can motherhood be dissociated from relationship with a man? Or refused? To shed light on these questions and many others, four women in search of their liberation, belonging to the generation of 28-30 year olds in the early 1970s, express themselves freely. Four portraits, without retouching, that discover, beyond the traditional patterns of life, many possible modes of relationship between women and men and mothers and children, and the many modes of being with and within oneself.

A word from Tënk

In the early 1970s, filmmaker and producer Anne Claire Poirier began a reflection on the female identity, accompanied by an all-women team. This work became a six-film series entitled En tant que femmes. J’me marie, j’me marie pas, a feature documentary by Mireille Dansereau, is one of the six. Dansereau, who already had five films under her belt at the time, proposes testimonials from four female artists on marriage, motherhood and their relationships to men. This film opened the door for female filmmakers in Quebec and cemented Dansereau’s position as a pioneer among them.


Marc St-Pierre
Curator of Collection, NFB



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