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France, 2014

Original music : NR Production : Kazak Productions

Programmed by Terence Chotard





Run, climb, jump, swing, challenge the weight of every day life. Be swarm; be fish not school; perform the city, become it. In Hanoi, teenagers wander with no precise scope, apparently going nowhere. I Forgot ! is about them.

A word from Tënk

Following as closely as a shadow in the footsteps of a group of ineffable Vietnamese youth whose language he does not speak, the young Argentine filmmaker Eduardo Williams brings the viewer along on a jubilant stroll through the narrow and teeming streets of Hanoi.
Far from the exoticism of a “postcard” documentary style, Williams weaves together a feather-light exploration documentary through his portrait of an intimate, closed group, leaving free rein to improvisation and chance situations.
Magnetized by the raw and kinetic energy of its protagonists, the film gradually slips away from the functional organization of the city towards an immersive and destabilizing experience of a space. From there, Williams’ poetic perspective, intuition and sensitivity succeed in capturing authentic and dreamlike fragments safely tucked away from the flow.

Terence Chotard

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