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Canada, 1997

Production : ONF / NFB

Arab, French, English

Best Documentary Film 1999 - Arab Screen Independent Film Festival, England



How do we develop understanding when everything risks to tear us apart? This feature documentary attempts to answer this question through the friendship of four Egyptian women. Muslim, Christian or independent of any religious practice, their choices are at the antipodes. Yet these four friends refuse to demonize each other and to coexist in contempt; they listen to each other and counter one another without ever breaking the bond that unites them. And they laugh about it.

A word from Tënk

Born in Cairo, filmmaker Tahani Rached arrived at the NFB in the early 1980s. She would go on to work there for over 20 years, directing 11 films. Filming both in Quebec and abroad, she wished to shine a light on problems in developing countries (war in Lebanon and Palestine, political dictatorships in Haiti) as well as on social issues in Quebec (racism, exclusion, poverty, AIDS, health care). This feature documentary was an opportunity for the filmmaker to return to the country where she was born. Four Women of Egypt shares testimonials from four female activists with diverse religious affiliations (Islam, Christianity and no religion), all involved in social movements in Egypt. The result is a passionate defense of tolerance, friendship and social engagement.



Marc St-Pierre
Curator of Collection, NFB



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