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Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, 1991

Production : Lucid Eye Films

French, Dutch, Czech, German

French, English



In Face Value, everything revolves around the face and sight: the desire to be seen, the fear of being seen, the inability to see oneself, the fear and the desire to see others.

A word from Tënk

Faces for photographing. Paintings by great masters at auction. More faces to film and voices that recount stories. Both faces and paintings possess immeasurable value and, nonetheless, we dare to put a price on or to attach meaning to them. In Face Value, Johan van der Keuken sends us on a fascinating exploration of images, as well as of the meaning and value we imbue them with. Through his always singular lens, the filmmaker examines the human condition. Everything passes through his sensitive eye, allowing us to access the inaccessible. He offers us a fluidity of form and as such, it is via our own thoughts, our own personal histories, or indeed our own collective stories, through which we construct ourselves a world over the course of a single film.



Miryam Charles



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