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74 min
Quebec, 2015

Production : Colonelle films

Best New Talent - RIDM 2015



A candid portrait of the smart, passionate and reflective students at a typical Quebec high school as they reach the end of their teenage years and contemplate the lives that lie ahead for them.

A word from Tënk

Returning to F.L., her former high school in Sorel-Tracy, Geneviève Dulude-De Celles created this spirited homage to the crossroads of adolescence. Training her patient and experienced eye on students during their final year of secondary education, Dulude-De Celles succeeds in generating a rare authenticity as the students participate in a large-scale photography project that sought to generate pride in their alma mater. Skillfully combining confessional-style interviews and direct cinema sequences, she avoids judgement to create, with intelligence and sensitivity, a portrait of doubt-ridden adolescents filled with questions about their identity and struggling to project themselves into a future both uncertain and full of promises. With time, Welcome to F.L. has aged into a brilliant distillation of its era, allowing us to realize the extent to which the present has evolved in stagnation.



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