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France, 1977

Production : Delphine Seyrig, Studio 43

Programmed by Julia Minne

French, English



Delphine Seyrig talks to twenty-four French and American actresses about their professional experiences as women, their roles and their relationships with directors and technical teams. A rather negative collective assessment in 1976 on a profession that allows only stereotyped and alienating roles.

A word from Tënk

Let’s make no mistake about the title: Delphine Seyrig’s film is an invitation to talk, to finally say something. A mosaic of women that we are used to seeing in costumes, on big screens, is here given to us to listen to. In a cinema where “male gaze” seems to be a screenwriting prism, made by a predominantly male industry, they testify. Without artifice, in a poor economy (which surely can’t do otherwise and which reminds us of the use of video in militant circles). The purpose is simple: to detect and break down clichés in an attempt to reduce this domination. Wouldn’t it be the premises of Bechdel test?

Julia Minne

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