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Quebec, 1980

Production : Les Ateliers audio-visuels du Québec

Programmed by Julia Minne

English, French



A film about the women who supported the 1978 miners strike against Inco, the multinational which owned the nickel mines in Sudbury, Ontario. As the women became increasingly involved in the strike, they questioned more and more their traditional supportive role. This provoked many heated discussions among the women and obviously not without upsetting husband, family, union - and company…

A word from Tënk

Filmmaker Sophie Bissonnette’s first feature-length work, co-directed with Martin Duckworth and Joyce Rock, A Wives’ Tale tells the story of the 1978-79 Sudbury miner’s strike against multinational company INCO. The filmmakers set up for several months among the strikers’ families, taking a special interest in documenting women’s points of view and actions in this mining town. Then working towards creating a self-governed and independent committee, these female workers demanded the right to make their own decisions, manage their own funds to support the strike and to be recognized for their efforts by their male counterparts. While often overlooked in feminist movements, female workers and homemakers play a central role in this documentary, demonstrating with ingenuity and strength their ability to take action and build community. Winner of the Prix de la critique québécoise in 1980, A Wives’ Tale remains a canonic reference for independent feminist cinema in Québec.



Julia Minne



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