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15 days

102 min

Belgium, France, Spain, 2010

Production : Ciel de Paris Productions




Their names are Azouaou, Abderhamène, Louise, Shana, Kyria or Yanis, they are between 3 and 4 years old when they begin to openly discuss together about love, freedom, authority, difference, intelligence. During their first years of kindergarten, these children experimented with their teacher Pascaline the implementation of a workshop with philosophical aims.

A word from Tënk

What if we gave the children a voice?


Pascaline, a kindergarten teacher, institutes philosophy sessions in her classroom. To do this, she arranges the little chairs in a circle and, sitting at the same level as her pupils, she implies that there is no room for hierarchy, not even that of ideas.


Filmed over a period of two years by a duo of directors, the camera, often set in a tight shot, is placed at the level of its subjects, and thus manages to capture a multitude of spontaneous moments, of a touching candor.


Not even having reached the "age of reason" yet, these little beings testify, throughout the discussions, that moral awareness can quite easily develop at a younger age. Pascaline, gentle and curious, accompanies them on this personal journey with tenderness and empathy. Reserving judgment, she questions them on various concepts, touching on many themes such as freedom, death, love and friendship. Some words make us laugh, others make us think: "My mom and I have the same difference," exclaims Shana, with a shocking lucidity. This culturally diverse class is a mirror of a French society in which internalized racism is heavily impregnated in some young people of color.


Over time, we see the children grow in confidence, expressing themselves with increasing ease, allowing them to assert their positions. Monologues evolve into dialogues and arguments move into reasoned debates. Together, the group has learned to speak but above all to listen to each other: it's only the beginning… but it seems that they are already like little philosophers.




Anouk Vallières
Urban gleaner & cinephile



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