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Quebec, 2015

Production : Coop Vidéo

Programmed by Virginie Dubois

French, English, Portuguese


Sélection - RIDM 2015

Mondes parallèles


Eric is working his way around the world crewing on ships. He seems to be living the life he’s always dreamed of until he gets arrested in Brazil and awaits deportation to Canada. Between calls to the embassy, the unexpected meddlings of a stranger seeking to incriminate him, and breaking the news to distraught parents, Éric’s sister, filmmaker André-Line Beauparlant, gradually pierces the mystery surrounding her brother, a man of prodigious imagination, who has mastered the art of deception as an ultimate way of life.

A word from Tënk

Well-known for her intimate films that lay bare the unvarnished story of her family put through the wringer of inherited poverty, hatred, violence and alcohol abuse, but also filled with love, tenderness and a sizeable dose of humour, André-Line Beauparlant brings us an unusual and meandering voyage into the world of mythomania, or pathological lying. We follow her globetrotting brother, a charming, direct, unfettered and seductive character, as he travels along the threads of his fabrications.
As many children, to avoid the daily torments of a corrosive, clamorous, if caring, clan, Eric finds refuge in a parallel world, one he built from scratch and rules over, laying the scaffolding of a new personality whose multiple facets mutate and migrate with the wind. He builds and rebuilds this self according to his needs, aspirations, targets and prey. Anything to keep surviving from city to city. Anything to disappear, slip away from his duties and the lists of his ever-accumulating debts. And anything to reappear, a little farther away, with a brand-new self and a reimagined past.
Beauparlant confirms a signature style both perfectly mastered and uniquely her in this 4th feature-length documentary. Her ability to address the infinitely personal and intimate to show its infinitely universal qualities is unmatched—because every family has its own version of Pinocchio, don’t they?
And sometimes, when “life’s a bitch,” even I feel like taking a page from Eric’s book and slipping away from all the daily assaults and toxic people and disappointments that come from the illusion of a perfect life. Or—almost.

Virginie Dubois
Cinephile, first and foremost
Part-time producer

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