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Canada, 2015

Production : Artbeast

Programmed by Pascale Ferland





A 90 year old Jewish woman reflects on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.

A word from Tënk

Will eating pork bring down God’s ire? Some reject that idea. This is the case for Razie who, on her 90th birthday, decides to break with the Jewish traditions that have guided her life since childhood.
Razie’s monologues tell the story of an ultra-strict Orthodox education. The unbearable traumas she and her family suffered are conveyed with a lyric and inventive approach, lending extraordinary power to the film.
Ultimately, it’s her discovery of the Internet that shakes Razie’s faith. Fascinated by Google, the old woman begins to question the world around her, as if believing in God has suddenly become as ridiculous as believing in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. This philosophical tale invites us to reflect on cynicism and the fear hiding behind it. By ingesting a single slice of the forbidden bacon, Razie makes a symbolic gesture that reason is more powerful than blind faith in dogma.

Pascale Ferland
Filmmaker, teacher and programmer

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