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Belgium, France, 2011

Production : Komplot Films etc., Quark Productions



Memento mori


Does mourning have a sell-by date… like yogurt ? And what do you mean exactly by the term "mourn"? Talking to his philosophy teacher (passionate about Nietzsche and tap dancing), the author is about to go on many voyages. Some are static and seek the personal experience of the two friends. Other trips put words to the test of geography: naming, describing what is there, in front of you, becomes a way of conjuring what is being erased.

A word from Tënk

Vials to capture the day’s rain. Children assembling a skeleton, one bone at a time, over several weeks. A philosopher with a passion for Nietzsche and tap-dancing. Simple gestures: writing a letter, sewing a garment, planing wood. A book standing in for a headstone, a coffin in the shape of a fish. The word “today”, shouted like an anaphora. With false seriousness, a burlesque kind of gravity that nods to the Surrealists Ionesco or Perec, this film essay addresses the question of grief with a singular and offset approach. Alongside his friend writer and philosopher Jacques Soicher, filmmaker Claudio Pazienza digs into the process of erasure and how to grasp what has departed. What reality is present in the words we use to describe it? How can we conjure up what is disappearing? When does grief end? With more questions than answers, the two speakers “practice disappearing” just as easily at home as in public or travelling abroad; they discuss or fall into a brusque silence that speaks for them, as suggested by shots of them mute, microphones in hand. Everything is in everything.

Patrick Bergeron
Literature Professor, University of New Brunswick
Member of the editorial staff of the journal Frontières

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