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81 min
Quebec, 2020

Production : Audrey Fallu

Programmed by Leïla Oulmi



Gabrielle and Yoan are 18 years old. Even though they both grew up in Temiscamingue, their aspirations are opposite. While Yoan wants to leave the area to break away from his loneliness and explore his homosexuality, Gabrielle is torn at the thought of going over a hundred kilometers away from home to carry on with her studies.

A word from Tënk

All the loves.


All the joys.


And the great sadnesses. 


And the great departures.


Adolescence or the beginning of adulthood, the time when we think that everything important in life happens in the present moment. 


Sarah Baril-Gaudet's Passages paints a melancholy and poetic portrait of a youth adrift, full of hope for the present and the future. 


Miryam Charles


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Item 1 of 4
Item 1 of 4

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