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Lithuania, 2018

Production : Neon Realism


French, English

Les films du Festival de Locarno


Can you imagine a tourist attraction where people come to see a dying forest? Where they are not only observers, but also the ones being observed and heard by the black birds?

A word from Tënk

The Curonian Spit heritage forest is gradually being destroyed by the acid droppings of a colony of large cormorants. On a platform adapted for international tourism, human beings file by one after the other, speculating as to the cause of this disturbing phenomenon. The cameras of Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė and her crew, perched in the treetops, borrow the birds’ point of view, turning this extraordinary vision upside down with their stunning cinematography and equally masterful sound recording. By offering this observation of humanoids lost in their own environment – tourists almost revelling in this apocalyptic spectacle – you might end up wondering which spectacle is more alarming. Will our ignorance and anthropocentric interventionism get the better of us? The tempo and accuracy of each shot in Acid Forest will certainly give you the chance to think about it.



Aurélien Marsais
Programmer, producer



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