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Canada, 2020

Production : National Screen Institute, Theola Ross

Programmed by Jason Burnham

English, Shout

French, English

Les films de Hot Docs


A Cree filmmaker and her white partner document their pregnancy and journey to parenthood. From the search for an Indigenous donor and midwife to their concerns about raising a child as an interracial queer couple, the joy of having a child together gives them the courage to overcome any obstacle.

A word from Tënk

Theola Ross is a two-spirit queer artist from the Cree Nation of Pimichikamak in northern Manitoba, who left the reserve and her Catholic family at 18 to explore the world and reconnect with her Indigenous culture. Now in a relationship with a white woman, the two decide to have a baby together. êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodline tells their story of parenthood, from in-vitro procedures to their search for an Indigenous donor and for perinatal support that would be respectful of their cultural traditions. The result is this short and intimate film that celebrates with touching sincerity the importance of fulfillment in one’s culture and identity, and how Indigenous knowledge is transmitted through the transformative experience of becoming a parent.

Jason Burnham
Tënk’s programming assistant

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