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Belgium, 2017

Production : Inti Films

Programmed by Hubert Sabino-Brunette


French, English

Le souci du toit


Rabot tells the story of a social housing block on the brink of demolition. Those seeking a way out of their misery jump from the roof, those unable to find a home elsewhere, land one here. In this small, high-rise community, where indifference reigns supreme. Both building and residents must go, marking the end of a turbulent era. We follow several of the occupants during their final months in the residential tower. In a frame narrative about love, loneliness and poverty in the heart of Western society.

A word from Tënk

Having gained the acceptance of the people she films, Christina Vandekerckhove takes on a posture free of judgement to capture intimate moments both tender and upsetting. The film’s bold editing and refreshing approach to narration allows temporalities to coexist, nimbly juxtaposing a multitude of solitudes with the refuges that so many apartments became.
The opening lines in Rabot suggest that too many birds in a single cage will end up killing one another. Partially validating this claim, the film proposes that death has become a latent element in this concrete vessel of humanity on the verge of demolition. It reinforces this by showing how violence can manifest verbally or through indifference to the suffering of others, but also in the actions of a system that relegates people to a misery it has created. Vandekerckhove still succeeds in showing us touching moments of solidarity, including a sometimes surprising use of music. In short, while Rabot may appear to be a dark work, there is light to be found in this high-rise apartment building and among those who live there.

Hubert Sabino-Brunette
Teacher and programmer

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