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Quebec, 2015

Production : Entre Deux Mondes

English, French, Hebrew

French, English



Filmmaker Danae Elon began to film her three young sons the moment she and her partner Philip decided to leave New York and return to Jerusalem. The decision was prompted by the death of her father, leading Israeli intellectual and writer Amos Elon. It was his dying wish that Danae not return, but her attachment to the place she always called home was stronger. On a journey back Danae’s camera captures her three young boys growing up, asking endless questions and confronting the reality around them. The place she once saw as “home” challenges her relationship with her partner and the future of her kids. It is through the prism of parenthood, children and a family that the story of this film exposes a deep, complex and painful portrait of Jerusalem today.

A word from Tënk

“I became a filmmaker because I always felt that when I film, it gives me a feeling of protection, recording an injustice. As if the very act of filming it, absolve me from being part of it.”


At the origin of the film, a broken promise, when Danae Elon, against the wishes of her father who had left Israel disgusted by the fate of the Palestinians, returns to Jerusalem with her family, as she gives birth to her third son. The latter will bear the same name as his grandfather, the Jewish intellectual Amos Elon. “Our relationship was political,” says the filmmaker about her ties with this imposing figure of the Israeli left. A sentence that also sheds light on her relationship with her three sons and her husband Philippe. From there on, in a quest at the crossroads of the intimate and the political, Elon will film for three years—and to the brink of collapse—the life of her family. Its past and its hopes, its tears and its contradictions, which turn out to be also those of this country, also born of a broken promise—“Never again!”




Frédérick Pelletier
Filmmaker and programmer



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