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21 min
Quebec, 2015

Production : Nika Khanjani



Free World Pens is a film about family and solitary confinement. The film takes shape through letters from a man incarcerated in Texas, whose words echo in the mind of his sister as she walks freely through Montreal.

A word from Tënk

This film is a poem.

The filmmaker's beautiful voice reads us letters written by her brother. These words color our entire perception of reality.

Impressionistic images immerse us into the director's subjectivity: reflections of light on the ground, people exercising in a park in autumn, a small hand in a large one. These are images of the filmmaker's daily life that resonate differently knowing her brother's confinement. A Montreal alley, so common, evokes here a cruel freedom because it is inaccessible to him.

Nika has chosen to create a contrast between the images and the soundscapes, reminiscent of the contrast between reality and the thoughts that inhabit us. The film thus plunges us into an undefined time, as if we too were losing the notion of time, like her brother in total isolation.

The short film reminds us how others, despite their absence, always accompany us. Her brother writes, "Why am I here? Why am I still here?" And we wonder how to live when our loved ones suffer?

Nika explains that her artistic approach allows her to "evoke how political and historical forces influence the inner lives of individuals." This film is the most touching proof of that.




Christine Chevarie



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