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17 min
Quebec, 2021

Production : Colonelle films
French, English
French, English



In this time of anxiety and turmoil, this film explores the unusual outlets where the torments of the body and mind are soothed. In a meditative journey to the heart of these analgesic places, this documentary essay paints a portrait of a society in search of meaning and comfort.

A word from Tënk

Happy Life by Amélie Hardy is a multi-faceted work that lies somewhere between an observational documentary and an archival film, offering us a hypnotic and sensory journey about anxiety and its opposite, while transporting us from one end of a modern society to the other in search of well-being and serenity. Winner of the "Best Short Documentary" award at the 40th edition of the RVQC in 2022, the filmmaker uses the gentle voice of a certain John Smith, emanating from a meditation tape, as a guiding light to explore the various outlets that modern man offers himself to counter the hazards of an overly agitated life. Thanks to an enchanting sound design that relies on slowed down and hyperstylized images, Happy Life has that magnetic je-ne-sais-quoi that engulfs us, cradles us and envelops us. Warm and surprising, absurd yet coherent, this is a colourful film where the strange meets the familiar and that will capture your attention. Follow the guide!

Jason Todd
Programmateur des courts métrages
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma



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