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Brazil, France, 2015

Production : João Vieira Torres

Programmed by Benjamin R. Taylor





There is what I see, what is shown to me, what I can’t see, what I don’t see… I was invited to film a ritual. One that can be shown to foreigners, to “dried-heads” like me. A child of the village watches Disney’s Fantasia on TV. He is interrupted. What the child lives when he dances? What am I able to see from what is shown to me? Shot in the Xucuru–Kariri tribe, in Alagoas, Brazil.

A word from Tënk

For Toré, João Vieira Torres was invited to film a ritual that could be shown to foreigners. Fittingly the film begins with an admission that there are things that, even when willingly presented to us, remain obscure. In the Brazilian jungle a young boy watches Disney’s Fantasia, he lives his life, he is prepared for his ritual. He watches the film on television, we watch him on our screen, rites are performed. Images travel light years from one culture to another, from one time to another, from one body to another. And yet, we never touch, we never dance together. Toré is an invitation to partake in a beautiful and confounding experience of a world that do not live. An admission that we can find extasy in images but that we cannot truly know by them.

Benjamin R. Taylor
Director and programmer, VISIONS
Founding member of La lumière collective

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