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Quebec, 2015

Production : Emilie Serri

Programmed by Benjamin R. Taylor


French, English



How can someone be part of a filiation in the absence of direct references to its own culture? How to identify with a history, through experiences, memories or images of another. No Time for Tomorrow addresses these issues through the notions of otherness, disappearance and memory in interaction with history - both intimate and collective - and their possible projection into both documentary and imaginary spaces of identity.

A word from Tënk

Émilie Serri’s No Time for Tomorrow is a collage film that combines found footage of images of Syria with the sound from old home movies. Through the combination of these two elements Serri seeks to construct something of a cultural identity from afar. The images unfurl in triplicate and we feel them slipping through time, each a version of itself, each holding its own rich potential. But nothing is fixed in time, the images slip. We stutter, we stall, we re-examine. Time has slipped into the past and the motherland is so far away. How do we build a today from the past? How do we build a tomorrow from images already gone?

Benjamin R. Taylor
Director and programmer, VISIONS
Founding member of La lumière collective

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