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France, 2017

Production : L'Orée

Programmed by Benjamin R. Taylor





Anarchists, utopians, situationists, surrealists, mystical thoughts? Twentieth-century poets, for whom words are both breath and meaning. Sound and sigh, text and texture, page and image. Crossing a century of horror and promise, of barbarity and technology, whose burden discharges heavily onto any future. And very low, in the clamor of time, the poet deals the blows of words that we stubbornly refuse to hear: we’ll need to work ’til the end of time, we’ll need to rediscover both the gesture and the word.

A word from Tënk

Guillaume Mazloum’s Un grand bruit is a film that, despite its deceptive quietness, succeeds in unsettling, disturbing and even destroying - if we’re really listening. With little actual noise, the film activates prophetic, impassioned and poetic texts, drawing power from words spoken and from bodies speaking them. Moments of reciting and listening to words from a century past are contrasted with Mazloum’s contemporary visions of landscape and architecture as he probes the points where words, images, thought and life may meet. The texture of a book, the sound of a word, the texture of the film, the gesture of an image. All contained within a book, within a film. The world we live in and the world within ourselves.

Benjamin R. Taylor
Director and programmer, VISIONS
Founding member of La lumière collective

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