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39 days
35 min
France, 2017

Production : Les films de la Caravane

Best Short Film · Doclisboa 2017



Juliette Achard and her brother Clément grew up in a Paris suburb. Clément became a livestock farmer in the Limousin region. On the outskirts of the farm, brother and sister shoot the sequences of a western inspired by the films they used to watch together. The difficulties encountered by the young farmer, the memories of a childhood dream and the history of an entire region intertwine.

A word from Tënk

Entwining family film, social tale, and rural western, the first film by promising director Juliette Achard initially eludes and questions. Then it seduces and finally haunts. This is because it continuously delves into a rare and precious furrow: the multiple, unresolved, primal tension between the social landscape and the emotional state. 

Thus, in the portrait of a distant and obstinate brother whose childhood dream is crumbling, Juliette Achard reveals, through disordered fragments, the impact of dreams and mythology on the quest of a lifetime.

Inventively and boldly edited, Saule Marceau patiently develops a wide-ranging but sinuous narrative, punctuated by flashes of insight, implicitness and secrets, giving this beautiful documentary a definitively singular and inspiring path.



Terence Chotard

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