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Quebec, 2020

Production : Matthew Wolkow

Programmed by Frédéric Savard

French, Portuguese, English

French, English



Halfway between poetry, ornithology and improvised music, this film is an appointment, a meeting of sorts that begins 6000 km apart between Lisbon and Montreal, and foremost a conversation between two neighbours. The very result of a trip to Portugal for one and faraway reminiscences for the other.

A word from Tënk

The pigeons in Parc-Ex aren’t quite as noble as the ones in Portugal.
Somewhere between Lisbon and Montréal, an encounter brings Orlando, a Portuguese immigrant who raises pigeons, to meet Matthew Wolkow, the filmmaker behind Peacock’s Monologue. A lyric film struck through with poetry and philosophy, ferried along by the peaceful and omnipresent narration of its director, this dreamlike documentary essay feels at times like fiction, given how romantic its subjects and their stories are. This work is strikingly unique, from a promising new filmmaker we’ll be sure to watch.

Frédéric Savard
Archivist and programmer

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