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Belgium, France, 2002

Production : Arte France, Komplot Films etc. sprl, Les Films à Lou

Programmed by Pierre Oscar Lévy




L’argent raconté aux enfants et à leurs parents takes a close yet humorous and ironic look at the metallic gauntness of a coin, and, in snatches, tells the story of a working-class family, incapable of successfully marrying needs, desires and means. The anxiety of debt is perceived from father to son. An evident source of concern for the son (author of the film), soon to become father himself.

A word from Tënk

Economic science is not a hard science, it is worthless without politics. Claudio Pazienza offers us a demonstration through the absurd. Duteously, relying on what he claims to be his family story, he casts a keen gaze on money, trying his hand at the economic game. He stages scientific logic, paying heed neither to genre nor to our faculty to grasp. Then, unaware of when the doubt arose, there he is, still present - should he renew the demonstration? The film-maker plants the seeds of doubt, such is likely his role.



Pierre Oscar Lévy



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